Our in-depth knowledge and decades of experience to help companies from a range of industries unlock their full potential online. We’ll Identify your customers, carry out comprehensive research, find the advertising platforms
that reach your target market, and ensure that your online customer base explodes.

Freestart is a pioneer in the pay per click industry. We have experience managing PPC accounts of all size from three
to six figure budgets, we will work within your budgets and attainable goals. We know what it takes to achieve your
advertising and business goals.

Using artifical intelligence, we will launch thousands of creative combinations of ads to maximize your results.
Utilizing the latest machine learning we actively optimize what works within a campaigns, audiences, and messages
maximizing conversions for the lowest cost.

Using this intelligence we determine what drives your current customers to purchase from you again,
and use theis information in real time to create a content strategy designed to maximize engagement
and keep them coming back for more.


Maximize R.O.I

We use real information about your business and your customers to
create custom paid social media campaigns that are optimized for sales.
We analyze your data to learn who your customer is, why they are
buying from you, why they come back for more, and how you should market
to them to achieve a maximum return on your investment.


Targeting Backed By Data. We create custom audiences made up of your actual customers, then we use artificial intelligence to find more people who look and  act just like them. We then target potential customers who have expressed  interest in your business by going to your website, calling your location, or engaging with your content to help stay top of mind and lead them to purchase. Since we only use data to inform our decisions about targeting your valuable ad spend is not wasted on people who aren’t potential customers.



Drive Revenue

Get Your Customers To Spend More With You
New Customers are just a piece of the puzzle that leads to increased revenue.  We dive into your data to determine what makes your current customers purchase more often and spend more money with you to create a content marketing strategy that increases your venue.

Tracking & Testing

Get Customers Coming Back For More
The most neglected piece of growing your revenue is retaining your current customers. Repeat customers are nine times more likely to convert than new customers and 80% of your future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. We will determine what drives your current customers to purchase from you again and use this information to create a content strategy designed to keep them coming back for more.




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Through your analytics dashboard, you can easily track your campaign performance based on the metrics
that matter most to you. Whether it is more phone calls, website visits or purchases,
we will create your own custom dashboard that shows you the KPIs you need.